Be the brand they think of.

Become the thought-of SaaS solution for your buyers with a program built and powered by brand marketing.

Your most effective program

Marketing success comes not just from being known, but from being thought of. The brands that comes to mind during those key buyer moments are the ones who win.

Helping B2B SaaS brands to become that thought-of brand is what we do.

Storybook is a strategic marketing agency, working as an embedded partner to build and run paid programs that drive real growth. We are a full-service partner covering everything from strategy to execution.

True Strategic Partner

We never stop putting our expertise to work in your program. With structured methodologies and on-demand meetings - we're a true strategy partner.

Full-Service Execution

We'll own your full paid media program across multiple channels, with no budget fees. Our flat price makes your results our sole incentive.

Premium Ad Design & Copy

Creating awareness and recall requires best-in-class creative and copy, and we've got you covered with a full turnkey ad creation solution.

Full Stack Expertise

Great marketing needs to work within the complexities of your sales and marketing ops setup, and we bring a deep knowledge that ensure your program has a holistic view.

Embedded with Your Team

Great collaboration doesn't work from a distance, and neither do we. We act as a true extension of your team, working in your channels and systems.

Flat-rate Pricing

We work on a simple retainer-based model, ensuring that you don't experience any billing surprises or penalties, keeping or incentives in line with yours.

What makes us different?

Storybook was built from a career of being in-house marketing leaders.

Before Storybook, we were marketers. We know what it’s like to feel like there are never enough hours in a day, or to wonder if you’re ever going to have a clear enough picture of your data. We know what it’s like to have real goals to hit, and to need strategies that actually work.

For our clients, that means:
Flexibility for when priorities inevitably change
We think and report in the same metrics as you
We go beyond the lead for a full-funnel view

We don't bring playbooks; we build strategies

Marketing is not one-size-fits-all, and your program needs to be built through your unique lens and needs. Setting up your strategy happens in close partnership with you, with hands on workshops to create exactly the program you need.
Full historical program audit
Messaging workshop
Audience and channel research

We focus on the marketing fundamentals that are proven to work.

We bring a marketing expertise to programs that are based on proven, evidence-based concepts and not passing fads. Your program needs to work, so we focus on what's proven to:
Brand awareness, recall, and salience strategies
Category Entry Point (CEP) messaging
Mental & physical availability process

We bring all of the capabilities you need, without agency micro-mangement.

Storybook was built slowly, and by listening to clients. We've built out the team that brings exactly the skills you need, but without any of the headache that comes with classic agency structure.
Embedded in your comms channels for real-time communication
Asynchronous work is in our DNA
We bring ideas that move programs forward

Our flat-rate retainer means no surprises, and fully alligned incentives.

We intentionally keep our pricing independent, and don't charge you more if your budget goes up. Our focus stays on you getting more results, not just more spend
No budget increase fees
No punishment for growing your program
Make choices that help you grow, not save money

Built on marketing fundamentals

While there is always a new acronym, framework, and tactic on the scene, there are also some timeless principles in marketing, that are backed by decades of data and research.

We apply these to your program, while still working within the politics of your organization, to make sure you build awareness while still hitting your goals.

Strategic Brand Marketing

Effective brand marketing is the co-ordinated effort of placing your brand top-of-mind at the moments your audience comes in-market.

We apply our framework to your unique program, building a paid media program for your unique solution, the ways your audience buys, and the moments that bring them in-market, all delivered through content and messaging that will grab and keep attention.

Advertising that's remembered

We don't just create ads that people will click - we build advertising programs that will earn your audience's attention and keep refreshing it until they convert.

In-Market Moment Messaging

Marketing that results in being top-of-mind comes from reinforcing messages that align with the moments your audience needs your solution.

Mental Availability

Triggering brand recall comes from being "easy to mind". We build this with on-brand advertising that builds and refreshes those in-market memory structures.

Physical Availability

As important as "easy to mind" is "easy to find" - making sure it's easy to convert when it matters. We build thoughtful conversion moments for that real intent.
They are the perfect blend of strategic expertise and hands-on execution, making them an indispensable asset for any ambitious startup aiming to scale rapidly.
Hannah Cameron
Director of Content Marketing

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