Who we are

Before Storybook, we were marketers. We created the strategies, ran the meetings, hired the teams, built the dashboards – and there’s not much we haven’t seen.

Which means we approach every client engagement with the empathy for what’s going on in your world, and foresight into what’s to come - like only a team who’s done it before could do.

We created Storybook with the idea of treating our agency like a family practice, giving every client the dedicated attention they deserved. Our founders’ years of in-house expertise is complemented by a network of carefully selected contractors to bring a full suite of scalable capacity to any team.

Meet our founders

Graceanne MacDonald

Graceanne began her startup career in the sales world, first leading SDR/BDR teams, followed by a side-step into rev ops before formally landing in demand gen.

And she brings that dual sales/marketing perspective into all of the programs she builds.

Liam Moroney

Liam may be in the marketing minority, in that he actually went to school for marketing.

He has grown his career as a demand generation leader in the startup space, and developed unique perspectives coming up through marketing ops and content marketing.